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Faliraki Beach (also known as Alekos) is one of the most popular places to go swimming in Corfu
The beach is small and clean with a fantastic view of the Old Fortress, while its large pier offers the opportunity to accommodate much more people than they would be on a regular beach


Faliraki is located on one side of the Old Fortress and Kontra Fossa is on the other side.
They join a canal that was created after the construction of the Old Fortress to separate it from the rest of the island. It is a quiet pebble bay on the beach, at the foothills of the Fortress.
Swim with a lot of people, enjoying the waters and the Fortress rising superbly on top of you!


Entering the Old Fortress and exploring it, it is not long to discover the small beach on the eastern side.
Next to the Pan-Hellenic Offshore Sailing Club of Corfu (PIATH), you will find a quiet corner where one can enjoy the sea overlooking the island of Vido.


Perama is a popular seaside resort with many hotels and accommodation, surrounded by olive groves and has many beautiful pebble beaches.


Benitses is a small cute offering the ultimate combination of mountain and sea, old and new, modern and traditional. The beach of the Blue Flag village has crystal clear waters and a mixture of sand and gravel.


Dassia is a beautiful seaside resort that is ideal for young people looking for a place that combines the beautiful atmosphere with the fun.



  • Faliraki: 300 m
  • Strong Beam: 500 m
  • Old Fortress:  600 m
  • Perama:  3 km
  • Benitses: 8 km
  • Dassia: 12 km

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