The Apartment  is the perfect place for unforgettable holidays.

Ideally located in the centre of the city of Corfu.

The city of Corfu is one of the most enchanting locations in Greece.

Venetian influences are everywhere, just as the joy of life that characterizes the Corfiots.

Holidays in Corfu, guarantee for fun and renewal! If a city could satisfy everyone, it would probably be Corfu.

A number of attractions can be found in the historic center.

The two Venetian fortresses become a pole of attraction not only for their magnificent presence but also for the fact that one of them continues and takes place concerts and theatrical events during the summer months.

At the same time, Spianada is the largest square in Corfu and the Balkans, while Liston is impressive, as it is recognisable as the special street with arches in the city center.
It is near to us and you can visit the church of Saint Spyridon, patron saint of the island that dominates with the big tower and the tomb of Ioannis Kapodistrias, first governor of Free Greece  it would be an oversight not to visit the monument of Dionysios Solomos but also to the hidden museum of the poet who was born in Zakynthos and wrote the Hymn to Freedom that was to become the national anthem of Greece.

Mon Repos, the former royal summer palace, Pontikonisi, a symbol of Corfu and the Archaeological Museum, invite you to discover them.
Go to the town next to the Philharmonic of Corfu, walk through Platy Kantouni and weigh in Kabiello.

 In a unique way, the peculiarity of the architecture of the island will enchant you.

The famous and  impressive Achilles Princess of Sissy, containing statues and paintings inspired by Greek Mythology, and the Trojan War.
A palace that captivates visitors from the very first moment they are in the place. It is a magnificent monument worth visiting at least once in its life.

Easter in Corfu is a unique experience for anyone living it.
Numerous philharmonics, the breaking of clay pots on the morning of the Great Sabbath and during the so-called first Resurrection, as well as the special beauty and the crowd and the environment, in Spianada Square and at the point of Pentofanaros next to Liston.

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